Lets Horse Around


By Maria Koby

Two Russian 19th century artists-sculptors Grachev Vassiliy & Evgeniy Lanceray came from different backgrounds. Grachev Vassiliy was born a peasant man, while Lanceray – into a noble family. Yet, they both shared a common and earthly affinity – the love for horses. Lanceray wasn’t only a sculptor but a talented painter. One of his favorite themes were Russian Empire wars and battles, warships of Peter the Great and ethnic themes, inspired by his travels around central Asia, Caucus and North Africa. Grachev focused on crafting small miniature bronze sculptures, portraying rural life scenes. Yet, portrayal of horses were the focal point of the artists. Interestingly, none of the artists pursued a formal art education. In fact, Lanceray graduated from law school. Grachev studied sculpture with private masters.

If you’re interested in acquiring a bronze sculpture by Vassili Grachev, Gene Shapiro’s Auction House has still a limited number of lots available for your acquisition. One of the works I like is Winter Troika  an intricate bronze patina on wood base. If you look close, you catch the details of the horse ride.





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